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The LURNING advantage

Course quality

Our courses are developed as a blend of research, practice and innovation. Content is regularly updated and tailored to the needs of participants. 

Our courses have been delivered in several countries including Spain, Germany and Kazakhstan and we've had participants from more than 45 countries! 


Project-based learning (PBL)

Our courses apply a project-based approach to learning which "integrates knowing and doing." Through this approach, participants learn knowledge "but also apply what they know to solve authentic problems and produce results that matter." This approach refocuses education on the individual, not the curriculum and highlights the value of "intangible assets such as drive, passion, creativity, empathy, and resiliency. These cannot be taught out of a textbook, but must be activated through experience."


—  Markham (2011)

Delivery modes

Our courses are delivered online (live) or onsite (corporate premises or conference room). Our instructors are trained to deliver high quality learning experiences in various delivery modes.


Which mode do you prefer?



Our instructors are experts in their fields with more than 15 years of relevant experience. They hold the highest level of qualification from top-notch institutions. They regularly invite guest speakers into the sessions with the aim to enrich the participants' learning experience.

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