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Ethics & Leadership

On the 23rd of November, invited by Dr. Lina Daouk, Dr. Roy Mouawad appeared as a guest speaker at the American University of Beirut (OSB), Lebanon, to deliver an enlightening session on Ethics & Leadership in which he discussed the definition of ethics, the most common unethical practices and their roots, and finally the traits that a leader should embrace to promote ethical standards and conduct in a workplace environment.

The lecture opened up with Dr. Mouawad laying the foundation of what is considered ethical, both individually and professionally. He then elaborated on the most common ethical issues that are overlooked in relation to human rights, employment practices, environmental regulations, corruption, and moral obligation.

To better understand why these practices remain prominent, Dr. Mouawad provided an analysis in which he listed the root causes of unethical behavior seen in societal cultures, personal ethics, organizational cultures, leadership strategies, decision-making processes, and unrealistic performance expectations.

To conclude the session, Dr. Mouawad provided an evaluation of the different approaches to business ethics and shared tips for inspirational and ethical leadership.

If you are interested in taking part in one of Dr. Mouawad’s courses and training programs, visit and check out the upcoming online and on-site courses!

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